Calm By Design Products
Dr. Hook in a waterfall

About Dr. John Hood

Dr. John Hood is an East TN Chiropractic Physician, a 10-time Boston Marathon runner, and Iron man Triathlete. He has been a team chiropractor for the Toronto Bluejays affiliate Tennessee Smokies baseball team as well as the team chiropractor of five team state championships for baseball and wrestling at Pigeon Forge High School. On any given workday Dr. Hood is awake at 4:30 am with bold coffee in hand before his early morning ritual of a run followed by a weight training session prior to the clinic. Dr. Hood is a regular at hot yoga and enjoys hiking the trails in the GSM National Park. Dr. Hood is also a wellness accountability coach and over the years has helped numerous clients lose weight and follow a healthier lifestyle.

Why did Dr. Hood formulate his own CBD oil tinctures, salves, and massage oils?

In May 2018 was given a sample of a Colorado-based CBD tincture and salve and honestly, I didn’t notice anything. Being a life-long athlete as well as a career chiropractic physician of twenty-four years I had heard the benefits of CBD oil and started looking into this. I decided to search out a hemp farm and go direct to the source. Come to find out here in TN we are legally allowed to grow hemp and process CBD oil. I met a local hemp farm owner/manufacturer and saw how they did things. They introduced to me the process of how it is manufactured. Very soon we quickly teamed up to create Calm By Design.

More than anything I wanted a brand that I could confidently recommend to my patients, my family, and to my friends. I felt like my patients were stating that they had tried CBD oil and didn’t have as well of an experience … some even stated they tried another brand and ended out throwing it out! I didn’t want to settle when I would recommend a product I was given to sample nor did I want other people to have to settle also. Our Calm By Design salve and massage oil contains DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide) which is a penetrator to pull the CBD active ingredient deep below the surface of the skin into the bloodstream which most other CBD salves and creams remain on the skin surface. Calm By Design products are non-GMO, gluten-free, and lab tested.